What Can One Little Person Do?

What Can One Little Person Do?

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Details: Parents’ Choice Gold Award, Best Children’s Album of the Year NAIRD
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Title Lyrics
1. What Can One Little Person Do? (3:33)
2. Amelia Earhart (4:17)
3. Billy Magee Magaw (2:07)
4. The Stoplight (2:19)
5. I Care for Joy (3:01)
6. Where Do the Animals Put All Their Trash? (4:00)
7. Migratin’ (2:42)
8. No One (3:01)
9. It All Turned Blue (2:43)
10. Piri-Miri-Dictum Domini (3:04)
11. Fifty States (2:10)
12. 1492 (2:28)
13. P is for Peace (2:52)

Reviews & Quotes

“You were with us on our eight hour drive to Buffalo. All the way there. And all the way back. And we still love your music!”
– the parent of a young fan