Evidence of Happiness

Evidence of Happiness
New Release May 2012!

Price: $18.00
Price: $9.99

Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt are proud to announce the release of their third album together, the first in 22 years! Evidence of Happiness, named after one of Claudia’s latest compositions, is a wonderful collaboration between these very simpatico singers. Fans will be delighted by the whimsical combination of traditional songs, Sally and Claudia’s own compositions, and a few wonderful contemporary pieces, all sung with tight harmonies by the soaring voices of these veterans of the folk world. Read more & view photos here. >>

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Title Listen Lyrics MP3
1. A Quiet Soul  
2. This Little Room  
3. Crossing the Bar  
4. River of Tears  
5. Bon’s Bonny Backyard  
6. The Lake Shanty  
7. Love Will Guide Us  
8. Plant Me a Garden  
9. Turn Your Radio Off  
10. Logs to Burn  
11. Why Am I Painting the Living Room?  
12. We will Build This House  
13. Only Remembered  
14. Evidence of Happiness  
15. The Angels Carry Us Away