Thirty-Five Years Together: Sally and Claudia record their 4th Album!

This summer, Claudia and I toured through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, landing in Ironwood where we visited our old friends, the Kuceras.  Phil ran the legendary North Country Folk Festival in the late 70’s-early 80’s and that’s where Claudia and I first met. IN fact Phil engineered it.  He knew we’d like each other and sound good together so he made sure we were in the same place at the same time.  During our visit, we got to peruse carousels full of slides from the 1980 festival.  We were shocked by our youth and by the fact that we actually weren’t fat!

Then it hit us: we’d been performing together for 35 years!!!  Quite a monumental length of time, enough to inspire us to think about making a new album.  We don’t have the title yet but the album is being recorded as I type.  We have some amazing musicians, including Dave Mattacks, Duke Levine, Richard Gates Jacqueline Schwab, Eden MacAdam-Somer and Betsy Zimmerman.  Mark Thayer is engineering at Signature Sound, right at home in Pomfret.  We hope to have a Spring release. Can’t wait!