Performance Quotes

Read quotes gathered at Sally's performances from friends and attendees.

You were with us

“You were with us on our eight hour drive to Buffalo. All the way there. And all the way back. And we still love your music!” – the parent of a young fan

Wonderful harmonies, infectious energy

I can’t tell you how great it felt to have you singing live as part of the 15th anniversary of The Folk Heritage.  Individually and collectively, you stand for quality and consciousness in folk music, something that is disappearing all too quickly.  Your harmonies are wonderful and consistent and your energy is infections.  I hope […]

A musical sorceress

You are a sorceress. First you subtly charm this group of people, then you transform them into a musical instrument, then you evoke from this instrument music that no one had any ideas was there. Amazing! -Charlie, Lincoln, MA

Your music gives me hope

Whenever I wonder why I should keep living, I listen to your music and hope keeps me moving ahead. -E. Murray, Bluefield, VA