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Your music gives me hope

Whenever I wonder why I should keep living, I listen to your music and hope keeps me moving ahead. -E. Murray, Bluefield, VA

Warmed my heavy winter spirits

Your concert last Thursday at the Gnu Deli in Eau Claire, WI warmed my heavy winter spirits and renewed a healthy spark in me. -N. Flasher, Eau Claire, WI

Like a fine piece of furniture

It occurred to me that your concert was like a fine piece of furniture, perhaps a rocking chair, solid and professional, not flashy, but built of lasting virtues, strong and comfortable. M. Berman, Princeton, NJ

An enjoyable concert

I have attended many concerts, but never enjoyed myself as much as this evening. You made everyone feel as if they were sitting in front of a crackling fire in their best friend’s living room. It was really great! – Fred, Stamford,CT