Every Rock Has a Story to Tell (3-6)

This residency (suitable for grades 3-6) can include songwriting or storytelling, depending on the needs of the teacher. This residency integrates units on Rocks and Minerals, Narrative Writing, and songwriting. Students find a rock that interests them. They create a first person narrative from the rock’s point of view, telling the story of the rock as it traveled through the rock cycle. Students can share their stories aurally (for example, pretending they are on display in a museum), or in written form.

An extension would be to write songs as a class about various aspects of the unit of study. Examples include: glaciation, erosion, the rock cycle, types of rocks, vulcanism, plate tectonics, etc.

CT Standards:

  • 3.3a. Rocks and minerals have properties that may be identified through observation and testing; these properties determine how earth materials are used.