School Assemblies & Workshops

School Assemblies and Workshops are a great way to bring song, art and music into your specific curriculum.  All classroom workshops are are aligned to the Connecticut State Frameworks and can be conducted in a 45-60 minute class period, or expanded over several meetings into more of a residency.

School Assemblies

  • Sing Me a Story
     Books that are songs and songs that are books. A great way to motivate more trips to the library! Great for Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebrations or National Library Week.
  • Piggyback Planet
    Songs for a friendly Earth. A participatory workshop on ways to reduce, re-use and recycle.
  • Old Friends I Never Knew
    Songs about interesting and often overlooked historical heroes, from aviator Amelia Earhart, to Connecticut abolitionist Prudence Crandall, from former slave, Rufus Malbone to Revolutionary War hero, Israel Putnam.
  • American Folk Music
    A participatory assembly of traditional songs from the American tradition, played on the mountain dulcimer, guitar,banjo and jaw harp
  • Tailor Made Tunes
    With at least 2 months notice, Sally will prepare an assembly to meet the needs of your curriculum.
  • World Travelers
    Participatory songs from around the world in many languages (Rogers speaks 4 and is learning Mandarin Chinese!)

Classroom Workshops

  • Songwriting (all grades)
    curriculum-related song-writing. Areas covered in the past include: language arts, social studies, geology, astronomy, civil rights movement, local history and more.
  • Tenopolis (Grades 3-6)
    A one-hour workshop for students studying place-value. Using a story, graph paper and Cuisenaire rods, students create villages. A “census worker” then has to count the inhabitants.
  • Local History (Grades 4 and up)
    Students (4th grade and up)collect oral history from community elders and then compose songs, create art projects/quilts or plays to reflect the stories they heard. Past history can also be looked at by collaborating with the local historical society. In these workshops, students will look at primary source documents and objects as a basis for story and song creation.
  • Build and Play a Cardboard Dulcimer! (Age 10 and up)
    Using kits from Backyard Music, participants will build and learn to play the Appalachan Mountain Dulcimer. This is a full day program. Dulcimers are built in the morning. The glue dries over lunch. Students return in the afternoon to learn basic playing skills and then perform their song at a culminating concert.
  • The Science of Sound (Grades 4 and up)
    This can be a one-shot workshop or multi-day, depending on the goals. Students will learn how sound is created and how musical instruments create different kinds of sounds. They will also create their own instruments out of found objects and recyclables.
  • Singing Games from Around the World (K-12)
      Students (and teachers) will learn a selection of participatory singing games for later classroom use. These games are great for transitions, pre-test warm-ups, and just a chance to get the blood flowing in our sedentary schools!

How to Book School Assemblies & Workshops