Concerts & Workshops

Sally Rogers has been entertaining her listeners for over thirty years in concert halls, churches, schools, and house concerts. She has a knack for getting the shyest singer to let out their voices and join the community in song. Rogers frequently invents her audience to sing along, with the mood in an evening rolling from good humor to somber reflection and back again.

Sally is also available for community workshops on songwriting, singing, dulcimer playing and building a cardboard dulcimer. These workshops can be tailored to children or to adults.

Whether you are a veteran songwriter looking for some helpful advice or a singer with a need to get your thoughts on paper and out on the wind, Sally can help you better hone your skills. A songwriting workshop can be focused on lyric writing, on the tricks of writing a singable melody, or on arranging your best work when you are finished composing.

Mountain Dulcimer
Sally has been teaching mountain dulcimer ever since 1976 when she taught lessons at Elderly Instruments in E. Lansing, Michigan, and also ran their school of folk music. She has taught players from the age of 5 to 95 with great success. Her positive attitude and supportive instruction guarantee improvement.

Singing Workshop
Rogers is available to teach workshops to shy singers or to those with some experience. Her workshops include useful warm-up techniques, breathing exercises and easily accessible repertoire. It has been said that Sally could teach a stick to sing!

These workshops can also take the focus of Music Theory for Dummies, or “What is a Chord???”.  Students will learn about basic music building blocks and how to use them to create melodies and harmony.

Build and Play a Cardboard Dulcimer (Age 10+)
You’ve always wanted to play the dulcimer, but didn’t want to make the financial commitment to an instrument until you were sure you could play. Well, here’s the workshop for you! Using kits from Backyard Music, participants will build and learn to play the Appalachan Mountain Dulcimer. These cardboard dulcimers are inexpensive, sturdy and sound good to boot! This is a full day program. Dulcimers are built in the morning. The glue dries over lunch. Students return in the afternoon to learn basic playing skills and then perform their song at a culminating concert.

How to Book a Community Concert or Workshop

Please contact Sally Rogers through the Contact Form for booking a community concert or workshop.