Welcome “We Are Welcomed”!

Last week three huge boxes of our new CD, “We Are Welcomed” arrived at my house and then off I went to Michigan to join Claudia Schmidt in a weekend chock full of concerts celebrating our new release and Mother’s Day.  The CD will be available for sale on this Web site very soon and […]

ASK: Artists for Safe Kids

Our good friend, Bill Harley, along with several like-minded musician friends, has spearheaded a new organization called Artists for Safe Kids (ASK), whose purpose is to promote gun safety and stop violence against children. Go to http://blogs.slj.com/afuse8production/2015/06/16/press-release-childrens-artists-for-gun-safety/#_ to read the full statement. Then write to Bill (billharley1@gmail.com) and join our group to speak out for […]

Thirty-Five Years Together: Sally and Claudia record their 4th Album!

This summer, Claudia and I toured through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, landing in Ironwood where we visited our old friends, the Kuceras.  Phil ran the legendary North Country Folk Festival in the late 70’s-early 80’s and that’s where Claudia and I first met. IN fact Phil engineered it.  He knew we’d like each other […]

Reminiscing About Mom

For obvious reasons, I’ve been reminiscing about my mother these days.  When I am teaching I often think of questions I would like to ask her, or stories I’d like to tell her.  She was an amazing piano teacher for most of her life,  but I think she could have taught almost anything.  She had […]